Dr. Jessica Salas Mann, M.D. Opens New Office in Old Bridge, NJ

Jessica Salas Mann

It is with great pleasure that I announce the opening of my new office. As a way to stay true to my calling of providing only the best options for my patients, I have opened JSM Fertility, an affiliate of IRMS.

The journey through fertility can be stressful. The goal of this practice is to provide a comfortable setting where patients are treated with empathy and are given the necessary attention, respect, and support they deserve. My training, certifications, and years of experience have allowed me to design a practice where patients can feel at ease to discuss any questions about their care. As a woman, I want my patients to understand their bodies. It is important to teach our patients and guide them in making decisions. I firmly believe that no one should undergo any kind of treatment without a discussion of all their viable options. These options vary from person to person.

Fertility care is not about following strict algorithms; it is as much art as it is medicine. In our field, old paradigms are challenged at times. We learn and update ourselves constantly. While some aspects of medicine have stayed the same for many years, the current approach to infertility focuses on efficiency and shorter times to conception and live birth. Being affiliated with IRMS allows my practice to have access to a team of scientists who continue to stay at the forefront of research in the field of reproductive endocrinology. I welcome all patients to my practice, where patients represent the core of our existence.

To learn more about your reproductive options or to book an appointment, please click here or call (732) 786-7900

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