Dr. Serena Chen Speaking at 2017 StartART Conference in Las Vegas

StartART is an annual nursing conference for nurses working in reproductive endocrinology and infertility, held this year in Las Vegas during the first week of August. Maria Jackson, RN, MA, who works at IRMS in Livingston as an Ovum Donation Nurse Coordinator, is a co‑chair of the annual congress. There, REI nurses from around the country attend lectures and receive updates on the latest innovations in reproductive medicine, such as advances in stimulation protocols and laboratory techniques, stem cell research, and related ethical and legal issues.

Dr. Serena Chen, who practices in our Livingston, Clark, and Jersey City offices, will be giving two talks at this conference. One, focused on the practice of assisted reproductive technologies (ART) in LGBTQ family building, will address the implications of national marriage equality on reproductive endocrinology, and changing patient populations, as more lesbian, gay, and transgender people seek ART to build their families. Dr. Chen will detail current terminology integral to providing respectful and accurate care as well as issues that are particularly relevant to LGBTQ family building, such as the use of donor sperm and third party reproduction.

Dr. Chen’s second talk will reflect on Stanford professor Henry T. Greely’s 2016 book, The End of Sex and the Future of Human Reproduction.1 Greely’s premonition of the expanded use of the technology available in ART today is surprising, but he argues that sex for reproduction in the future may be seen as reproductive Russian roulette. Why would you gamble with your gametes, risk disease and miscarriage when you can easily control the outcome of your pregnancy? When you can avoid genetic diseases, do away with miscarriage and perhaps enhance the chances for a child with intelligence, wit, athleticism and beauty? Dr. Chen looks forward to discussing these controversial issues with her audience and working together to better understand the future of reproductive medicine.

At IRMS, we understand the importance of our nurses in providing holistic and patient‑centered care, and value the vital role they play in reproductive endocrinology. We are proud to send one of our physicians to this conference to engage with REI nurses from around the country and contribute to continually improving care in reproductive medicine centers.

If you have any questions regarding our LGBTQ Family Building practice, our leading advancements in ART technology or would like to book a consult with Dr. Chen please reach out to us. You can connect through our contact form, social media platforms or by calling us directly at (973) 322-8286.

1 Reading: Greely, Henry T., The End Of Sex And The Future Of Human Reproduction. Harvard University Press. May 30, 2016. ISBN 13: 978-0674728967

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