Governor Murphy Signs Fertility Preservation Bill S2133 Into Law

New Jersey is now the 9th State to Pass Legislation on Fertility Preservation Coverage!!!

IRMS is proud to have been at the forefront of the advocacy along with our partners from RESOLVE and the Alliance for Fertility Preservation.

This bill requires insurance carriers in NJ to provide coverage for standard fertility preservation when a medically necessary treatment may directly or indirectly cause iatrogenic infertility. Iatrogenic infertility means an impairment of fertility caused by medical treatment affecting reproductive organs or process such as, but not necessarily limited to, surgery, radiation or chemotherapy.

One of the best parts of this bill is it is broad enough to provide coverage for patients of many different diagnoses.

“Being diagnosed with a serious health condition and deciding to undergo major medical treatment is stressful enough without having to worry about potential infertility as a result of the treatment,” said Assemblywoman Lampitt, a sponsor of the bill. “Having the option to utilize fertility services helps to provide patients with peace of mind and makes the decision to seek medical treatment a little easier.”

“When someone requires a life-saving treatment, they shouldn’t have to choose between daunting medical bills or never having a family,” said Assemblywoman Timberlake. “Guaranteeing insurance coverage is one way we can help alleviate patients’ financial concerns and allow them to make their decision based on what they want rather than what they can afford.”

“As a mother, there is nothing in the world I value more than my children. Raising a child is such a rewarding experience,” said Assemblywoman Mosquera, also a sponsor of the bill. “This law will ensure that no one who dreams of being a parent will be denied that opportunity if there is any way for them to do so, regardless of their current health problems.”

“Advancements in medical technology are providing patients with incredible alternatives they never would have had in the past,” said Assemblywoman Sumter. “If someone wants to start a family of their own someday but may soon face infertility, it’s important we help them achieve their dream by guaranteeing coverage of these beneficial fertility preservation services.”

“Everyone deserves the chance to form a family of their own,” said Assemblywoman Tucker “In the past, the kinds of treatment cancer patients receive would have severely limited their ability to do so – but that is no longer the case thanks to modern fertility preservation services. We must ensure their ability to use those services whenever necessary and desired.”

“At a time when patients are coping with serious illnesses that can be both challenging and discouraging, knowing they can still have a family someday gives them hope,” said Assemblywoman Reynolds-Jackson. “That kind of hope during such a difficult time is more powerful than many people can comprehend. This law will help patients focus on the possibilities of life.”

If you have been diagnosed with a potentially fertility-impacting disease or condition, IRMS is committed to seeing you for a consult whether in-person or skype within 24-48 hours of you contacting us. If your case requires immediate fertility-intervention, we can usually start our patients on medications right away and can complete an egg freezing cycle in about 10 days.  For further information or an immediate appointment please contact Joanne Heller at 609.448.4311.

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