How Much Does Egg Freezing Cost?

You are working hard, striving to build your best life. Parenthood is not your immediate goal but down the road, tucked away in the recesses of your mind (which is full of work, growth & hopefully some play), is the consideration that you should plan for your fertility future. 

Egg Freezing certainly is an investment that can seem like a financial burden, especially these days. However, we are here to show you that it’s likely less costly than you think. And in fact, egg freezing is an attainable & empowering choice that is an investment in you. 

Let’s break down how IRMS helps.

1. Personal Financial Counselor for Fertility Financing

Here at IRMS, every patient is teamed up with their very own financial counselor – an expert in fertility financing. They help you navigate your insurance policy, decipher your employee benefits, educate you on applicable grants, and map out all your treatment & future storage costs so that you feel confident in your decision. 

2. Clear and Transparent Egg Freezing Fees

There are no hidden fees or upselling here at IRMS. All our fees are mapped out on our website & are explained in detail with you during your consultation with your financial counselor. We even spell out all the potential auxiliary fees that may/or may not pertain to your personal treatment plan so you are prepared in advance for the “unexpected”. 

3. Egg Freezing Discount Packages

Did you know that we offer significant discount packages for Egg Freezing based upon whether you are doing single or multiple cycles? Doesn’t get any better than that!

4. Advocates For Your Fertility Care

Our physicians & financial counselors are passionate about access to care for all. We’ve lobbied both federally and in New York & New Jersey for reproductive rights. We’ve gone to court on behalf of our patients against their insurance companies and won! Our team will dissect your insurance plan, give you pointers on how to approach your employer for coverage and always be upfront in our assessment on what you financially should expect to pay out of pocket. Our goal is to always empower you with knowledge and choice. 

5. Pioneering Fertility Practice

No joke, we’ve been on the forefront of fertility science and egg freezing for decades. Our lab is one of the most renowned fertility labs in the country, and our lab director, Dr. John Garrisi, is the go-to expert on assisted reproductive technologies in the world. We store your eggs on-site at our lab, no 3rd party storage facility for us, using the most state-of-the-art, high-tech platforms to lovingly monitor & nurture your future. Our doctors are highly trained Reproductive Endocrinologists that graduated from the most notable medical institutions in the country including John Hopkins, Duke, Harvard, Cornell & NYU. They are sought after Egg Freezing experts and have been featured on CNN, HLN, Good Morning America, Wired, and many popular podcasts and documentaries discussing the science of Egg Freezing. Your investment in yourself, is in very good hands.

6. Egg Freezing Success Rates

The pregnancy rates from previously frozen eggs are extremely high and the statistical chances of conceiving are only bettered by having more eggs frozen.

If you are seeking control of your reproductive life and are considering Egg Freezing, reach out for a telemedicine or in-person consult. We will create an honest and transparent assessment of your financial investment, alongside a frank conversation on your potential success, with a treatment & payment plan tailored for your unique journey. Live in your now by protecting your future family.

You can reach out via our website, give us a ring at 973.548.9900 or DM us on our social handles to book a consult.

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