How soon after a miscarriage until I can try again?

Sarah C. Hessler, M.D.Women who have a miscarriage often wonder when it is safe to try again. The traditional answer has been to wait 3-6 cycles until trying to become pregnant but there is very little scientific evidence behind these recommendations. A recent study observed women who tried to become pregnant in fewer than 3 cycles after a miscarriage compared with those who waited longer. The outcomes suggest that women who try to conceive sooner than 3 months are as likely to have a healthy pregnancy as those who wait longer.

It is important though to discuss this decision with your doctor to make sure you are healthy for pregnancy soon after a loss. Also, women who have experienced a loss further along in the pregnancy or a loss due to an ectopic pregnancy likely need additional time to fully recover before trying again. Please discuss your individual situation with your doctor. Also, women who have experienced two or more pregnancy losses should have an evaluation for possible causes of recurrent pregnancy loss. At IRMS New Jersey, we counsel each patient after learning about their personal story.

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