IRMS’ Dr. Serena Chen discusses Fertility with Jennifer Palumbo & the Huffington Post

Serena H. Chen, M.D.
Dr. Chen ART

Here’s a scary statistic – at least one in eight couples have reproductive health and/or issues that can make building a family difficult.

Now, of course you’re thinking…“hey my odds are great then, I should be fine”.

Jennifer Palumbo, fertility advocate and Huffington Post contributor discusses with our very own Dr. Serena Chen why you should follow the Listen Up mantra from National Infertility Awareness Week and really consider your own fertility health & medical history now, not later.

This wonderful post explains the many factors that may affect your fertility – like previous & current medical conditions for instance, or the challenges of health insurance coverage.

Here at the Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science, we can help you assess your fertility from all angles, as well as, counsel you both emotionally and financially with our dedicated support teams.

Our amazing team of female doctors believes that pioneering Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) must be paired with compassionate and innovative care. That’s why, to toot our own horn, we are one of the nation’s leading fertility centers.

So follow Dr. Chen’s and Jennifer’s advice & start thinking about your fertility now!

For more information, you can contact my office at 973-322-8286 or book a consult through our contact form.

A graduate of both Brown and Duke Universities, Dr. Chen serves as Director for the Division of Reproductive Medicine in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Saint Barnabas Medical Center and as well as, here at IRMS.
Serena is a strong advocate for access to reproductive care for all, and a champion of every patient’s right to be well informed and intimately involved in their treatment decisions. She is a go-to authority on fertility and women’s reproductive health, a featured and respected contributor to many news outlets.

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