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Biological Clock
Jessica S. Mann, M.D.
Jessica Salas Mann

As the college graduates move on to bigger and better things, a new exciting job abroad, a new internship, graduate school, or whatever it may be, few of them will think about having children in the near future. This season made me reminisce about my own professional development. Almost 20 years ago, as the oldest of 6 kids that my mother had, having children was the last thing on my mind when I finished college. While I lovingly helped taking care of my much younger siblings as if they were my own, I could NOT think of having kids any time soon!

And then, 3rd yr of medical school came, and then my rotation on reproductive endocrinology and infertility gave me the cold facts.

This is an Egg.


This is your chance of getting pregnant and to miscarry as you get older.


Any questions?

Well, YES I had questions! Was this true? Was this a tale written by folks who tried to instill fear in the mind of young women with dreams and goals to conquer the world?

I had found my passion. To my amazement, yes, this was true. And yes, I came to terms with the fact that the tick-tock sound was real…

Fast-forward almost 20 years.

A woman’s ability to conceive declines with age. No matter who you are. It is true that some women have good reserve well beyond their 30’s but biology is biology. Two facts hold true for all women:

  1. The quantity of our eggs declines with age.
  2. The quality of our eggs also declines with age.

So what can you do? The current state of assisted reproductive technologies has made tremendous leaps. While we aren’t yet able to restore a woman’s decline in egg reserve and egg quality, the option of egg freezing allows women to delay the time of childbearing until they feel comfortable with the decision to be a mother. While many women are able to conceive in their 20’s, some may not feel psychologically ready to dive into the world of parenthood. With egg freezing, women are given the opportunity to delay childbearing. Talk to your doctor about this topic. The hope is that I can bring awareness to a topic that is still difficult to discuss or inquire about. There’s no shame in getting knowledge.

For more information on Assisted Reproductive Technologies including Egg Freezing, please contact my office (732) 786-7900 or our Head Office at (973) 322–8286. You can also fill out our contact form and we will get back to you shortly.

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