IRMS Offering Patient Support Groups

Research on support groups for medical conditions have shown to be useful and effective in helping patients cope with treatment they are facing. Finding support when dealing with infertility is important, but not always easy. Friends and family can provide some support, but even the very best of friends can’t truly understand what you are going through without having experienced infertility personally. A support group can provide a place where one can meet and speak with people who understand.

Infertility is hard. You needn’t go this journey alone.

IRMS is sponsoring several upcoming support groups ranging from information and education about infertility coping strategies, general infertility, pregnancy after infertility and dealing with miscarriage. This is the beginning of a new program to educate, arm and support patients in this journey. Plans to include not only emotional support groups but also an educational learning series devoted to the process.

Please download our flyer for more information including how to participate.

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