IRMS Statement – Reversal of Roe v. Wade

Here at IRMS, we have long history of advocacy for access to care and reproductive autonomy for all.

We have made many trips to Washington and Trenton to impact legislation for coverage for those faced with an infertility diagnosis, for those trying to family build as LGBTQ+ individuals and couples as well as for those newly diagnosed cancer patients who need to preserve prior to treatment.

So today, we can only say we are saddened by the Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

We are a practice of expansive thinkers committed to furthering research & quality of care, so we can help more people tomorrow than we can today.

Now, as a nation, we’ve taken a major step backward. Instead of expanding, we’ve contracted.

Not just in the arena of women’s rights but for all people.

Yesterday we celebrated the 50th anniversary of Title IX. Today as Roe v. Wade is overturned, it seems that all that we celebrated yesterday feels like a farce, like 50 years of progress has vanished. We at IRMS will continue to support our patients through this time of great uncertainty. We will continue to fight to protect the reproductive rights of all, not just in New Jersey and New York but nationally”  Dr. Debbra A. Keegan, Clinical Director

At IRMS we are infinitely proud of all the families we’ve helped to create. We also feel privileged to have been able to be at the forefront of advocacy efforts both in NJ and nationally. Our work continues while we fight for coverage for those in need of medically necessary fertility treatments. Because reproductive medical care is so complex and so technologically advanced, we are very concerned about the impact of the demise of Roe v Wade upon the ability of physicians in our specialty to be able to help patients conceive. We feel it’s our duty to educate everyone that a lot of the laws arising to restrict access to abortion will have the unintended negative consequence of making it much harder for our infertility patients to have their families.”  Serena H. Chen, Founding Partner

We remain steadfast in our responsibility to our patients and our community to lead with science & to be fueled by compassion. 

We are emboldened to continue to fight for and champion reproductive rights for all. 

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