Single Mother By Choice Fertility Options

Becoming a single mother by choice certainly isn’t a decision that comes lightly. It is embarked on after much consideration. More and more women are now embracing their passion to be a mom, recognizing that their most fertile years may just not align or be defined by their relationship status. 

Here at IRMS we can help you fulfill this dream of motherhood by being your supportive partner in your care.

Your journey with IRMS starts with a consult with one of our wonderful, experienced, female Reproductive Endocrinologists where we will have a conversation about your goals, your potential options and map out your path to become a mom. This will also include a discussion of your medical history where your physician partner would address any red flags & lifestyle choices that we may need to address. This can be done via a telemedicine appointment or in person in one of our many stunning locations in New Jersey and Staten Island. 

Fertility Testing For Motherhood

Your next step towards motherhood, we will have you come in for a full fertility assessment so we can determine your best avenue to have a healthy and successful pregnancy. Your initial fertility assessment will include bloodwork, a physical exam with culture screening and a transvaginal ultrasound. These tests collectively will help us determine your overall reproductive health. In addition to your doctor, you’ll be assigned your own nursing & clinical team that will be with you every step of the way.  

Easing the Financial Burden Of Having A Baby

One of the most stressful hurdles for having a baby is the financial demand that is required. Let us help you navigate these economic challenges. You will be partnered with your own Financial Counselor. She will help you understand your coverage, any out of pocket costs, set a plan of action & most importantly serve as your own financial ambassador with your insurance provider

Finding A Sperm Donor

At IRMS we partner with many reputable spermbanks across the country. When choosing a donor make sure you consider the following three selection criteria: 

  1. Genetic Carrier Screening to find any mutations that, coupled with your genetics, may increase the chances of passing on a genetic disease to your baby.
  2. Psychological Testing of the sperm donor to look for any markers or indications of mental illness.
  3. Donor Identity issues that may arise when your child comes of age that they may want to know “where did I come from?

Your IRMS physician and clinical team will give you instructions on how much sperm is required depending on whether you are doing an IUI or IVF treatment.   

IUI Treatment At IRMS

Many of our single moms by choice will consider IUI treatment as their pathway to motherhood. Your IRMS physician would recommend the most advantageous and efficient treatment course given your own personal medical & financial position. An intrauterine insemination procedure uses a catheter to insert washed sperm directly into your uterus which then travel to the fallopian tubes for egg fertilization. You’d likely be asked to take fertility medications and/or injections to stimulate a successful outcome.

Industry Leaders in IVF & Single Embryo Transfer

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is an assisted reproductive procedure where we use medications to stimulate your ovaries to produce hopefully loads of lovely eggs. We then retrieve these eggs, mix in your awesome donor sperm, lovingly nurture them in our state-of-the-art lab by our world-renowned embryology team and produce high-quality embryos. We highly recommend PGT testing if you wish to ensure a chromosomally normal embryo. Once all has been meticulously tested, we would then transfer the embryo(s) back into your uterus. Here at IRMS, we are the nation’s leader in Single Embryo Transfer.  However, the decision on how many embryos to transfer should be a joint decision made by you and your team. 

Many of our SMBC are surprised to learn that choosing IVF as your treatment journey may be more financially prudent than starting with IUI. If your insurance benefits have a cap on fertility and you need to raise your likelihood of getting pregnant on your first attempt, skipping IUI for IVF may be the correct choice for you. However, here at IRMS you don’t make that decision alone. That’s what your team is for, to clearly create a plan to parenthood that works for you medically, financially, mentally. Your self-care in this daunting but exciting journey takes center stage. 

Not quite ready to decide – try Egg Freezing

You are going to be a mom, but maybe not this hot minute? Give Egg Freezing a solid consideration. It’s truly an investment in you. You get the same dedicated team standing alongside you, helping you maximize your benefits & assessing your potential success medically, while allowing you time & grace to build upon the foundation that is marvellous you. 

For Our Transwomen Moms to Be

For our SMBC with testes or for transwomen who have sperm banked, IRMS has a robust 3rd party program that works with both amazing gestational carrier & donor egg agencies to help you become the wonderful mom you are meant to be. We partner with extremely knowledgeable legal experts in the field of fertility rights for our LGBTQ+ patients.

Embarking on a Single Mom By Choice journey can seem stressful, but it need not be lonely. There is a growing community of SMBCs out there to guide and support you. Check out SingleMothersByChoice.org for resources, read some of these great articles or check out some of the SMBC’s accounts on social media. Here at IRMS, we cater to your unique needs and celebrate your choice with empowered options.

To book a consult please contact us via our website, give us a call at 973.548.9900 or DM us on our social handles.  

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