Where You Seek Fertility Treatment Matters

We are so lucky to help so many patients along their fertility journeys. We know how difficult an infertility diagnosis can be and selecting a care team can be so overwhelming. Through all our communication outreaches, whether on this site, on social media, or through referrals from your OBGYN’s – we hope that we are not only educating you about your options but also delivering a message of partnership that empowers you in your choice of IRMS

We’d like to share an email our Director of Marketing, Cindy Lucus received in her inbox. We hope this patient’s journey helps you get clarity of what a patient and IRMS partnership will look like. We stand by the principle that everyone has a unique fertility journey, and where you seek treatment truly matters.    

The email has not been edited, apart from deleting the name of the patients’ former “treatment facility”. 

Hi Ms. Lucus.

This email is way overdue, but I want to take the time to share how positive my experience was at IRMS and let you know the staff at IRMS are top-notch! Unfortunately, IVF is a journey no one wants to travel; however, when you do have to take this path, every little interaction and detail matters. I was previously referred to [another NJ clinic] by my OB so I can honestly say I have the ability to compare the type of attention and care received. I wish my OB would have sent me to IRMS from the beginning, but I cannot go back in time. The only thing I can do is let you know how great Dr. Hessler, her nurse Jennifer Giordano, Shirley the u/s tech, the front desk and the phlebotomists are! 

I came to IRMS at a late age, having done 2 previously failed IVF cycles. Dr. Hessler was always very thorough, explaining the statistics for my own egg success, but was willing to let us try. The communication I received from Jennifer was always the same day and usually early. I cannot tell you what a difference that makes when you are going through this and still trying to maintain your responsibilities at work and home. She had great communication with Dr. Hessler, so I always received those responses quickly as well.

The phlebotomists are stellar and the process of getting morning monitoring is far superior over [the other NJ clinic].  When I went to [this other NJ clinic], I had to wait anywhere from 40 to 90 minutes for monitoring. During COVID, women were waiting in the halls sitting on floors. Many times, I felt like cattle. My arms looked beat up from the blood work draws. This didn’t happen with your phlebotomists. They do a great job with the blood work and are very organized.

I came to IRMS for monitoring and was usually in and out within 20 to 25 minutes typically. I was never late for work which is huge when you work in a school! The front desk was friendly, especially Kathy. Shirley is thorough and warm, and you can tell enjoys her job. 

Ultimately, we ended up having to use donor eggs to have a family. Unfortunately, we did not find a donor in the IRMS pool, so we ended up going out of state to a fresh donor program. Dr. Hessler and Jen continued to be my cheerleaders! They allowed me to monitor locally at IRMS and never treated me differently like I was now an ‘outside’ patient. She said I am always her patient, and she would support me on this journey until we hold that baby! The communication was poor after my transfer with my outside transfer clinic; but I never felt abandoned by Dr. Hessler. She was the first to congratulate me with my successful beta with a personal call by 9:45 in the morning! She took over my weekly monitoring until I graduated at 9 weeks with a successful pregnancy! The only reason I did not freak out about my other clinic’s poor communication was because I knew Dr. Hessler was looking at my labs and ultrasounds. 

I can tell you I will always refer people to IRMS. I tell them that the personal care received here is above and beyond. The team approach at IRMS makes your organization superior! If we opt to use more of our frozen embryos for transfer, I will be moving them to IRMS and transferring here. This journey is not for the faint of heart, but every little interaction here made such a difference. I hope you continue to get more women to help, and that OBs refer to your program instead of the other major one in the area. As you grow, please keep your staffing ratio to meet the growing needs so that the high level of individual care can continue. 

I hope you share the positive feedback with your staff and acknowledge their hard work and dedication. Each one of them is a valuable member of the team!

So many times, people share the negative but do not share the positive and these kudos are well deserved!

Thank you for your time. I cannot wait to show Dr. Hessler and Jen when the baby is born!

Susan and Javier

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