Why you need to commit to quit smoking…

The detrimental effects of smoking on cardiovascular health are well documented, however the effects on fertility may not be well known. Smoking can cause delays in time to conception and increase the likelihood of infertility. Smoking women appear to have an accelerated loss of their eggs, an increased time to conception, and a decreased likelihood of pregnancy after an IVF cycle. The effects of smoking during pregnancy include miscarriage and preterm delivery, decreased birth weight, and placental abruption.

A recent study demonstrated that infants of smoking mothers have increased episodes of facial touching, indicating that the fetal nervous system and development may be directly impacted by maternal smoking. While the study is small, it raises additional concerns regarding maternal smoking.

Quitting smoking can be extremely difficult but the benefits are worth the hard work. If you have questions as to how to proceed, please contact your doctor for help in developing a plan and a quit date. Here at IRMS we are committed to improving your overall health and will assist and support you in quitting as you create the family you desire.

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