IRMS Egg Donor Success Stories

“Although I was nervous the day of retrieval, the doctors and nurses were very polite and comforting, which made the procedure that much easier”

“I was completely satisfied with my overall experience with the program. The staff was very comforting and concerned with my well-being. This experience has been very gratifying”

“The doctors are very compassionate and are willing to speak to you about what you’re going through”

“Thank you for all your hard work. I sincerely hope that my donation will help a family grow”

“Thank you for a great experience. Donating life, or a potential life, is a very rewarding feeling”

“It was helpful to know that I could call upon any of the staff if I had any questions or concerns. That put my mind at ease. My Nurse, Mishia, did a wonderful job teaching me how to properly do the injections, I felt confident knowing I was doing the injections correctly”

“It is a good experience; helping someone have a baby is something awesome. You are doing a little sacrifice for someone, and helping them to achieve a big dream”

“The staff was very thorough and available to answer questions even after hours. The doctor’s made me feel comfortable; I was never nervous or unsure”