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Dr. Serena H. Chen Answers WIRED’s Questions From Twitter

IRMS’ Dr. Serena H. Chen answers the internet’s burning questions about fertility, pregnancy, & having children for WIRED including: How do pregnancy tests actually work? Why can IVF be so expensive? What is the process of egg freezing like? Are sperm counts lower than they used to be? Serena answers all these questions and much more.


IRMS: Start The Conversation

IRMS stands by a basic principle that those who seek fertility assistance deserve to be partners in their own care. We take this statement very seriously because we fully understand and appreciate that the process of accessing reproductive help is not an easy or simple one. Our focus is to recognize your needs and wants as an individual or couple and to customize your care to achieve not just the end result you seek but to make the journey a bit easier along the way.


IRMS, Standing With You

At The Institute for Reproductive Medicine & Science, we stand with our patients, our community, our staff and our colleagues as we battle this pandemic together. We’re ready to jumpstart your fertility journey? Let’s do this!


Dr. Serena Chen discusses the COVID Vaccines and Pregnancy

Join IRMS’ Dr. Serena H. Chen as she takes you through the UMASS presentation tool on whether you should get the mRNA vaccines while pregnant.


How Do Adenovirus Vaccines Work

Dr. Serena H. Chen discusses how adenovirus vaccines, like AstraZeneca’s, work. She goes over the New York Times’ article that explains the technology, how it works & what we may expect once approved by the FDA.


Dr. Serena Chen Explains
“What Is Endometriosis?”, “Common Symptoms”
& “How Does Endometriosis Affect Fertility”

Dr. Serena Chen explains the mystery of endometriosis, its common symptoms, diagnosis, and how it affects infertility.


The Benefits Of Single Embryo Transfer

Dr. Debbra A. Keegan and Dr. Serena H. Chen explain why more is not better when it comes to transferring embryos.


The End Of Sex And The Future Of Human Reproduction

Dr. Serena H. Chen, a widely respected fertility expert & advocate, discusses assisted reproductive technology, the ethical dilemma of designer babies, the benefits & challenges of genetic testing & selection, and how technology is rapidly advancing fertility science including IVF, PGT, Egg Donation and Egg Freezing.


Chill Out Baby! Dr. Serena H. Chen Guides You Through The Egg Freezing Process

Dr. Serena H. Chen explains the process and the potential of Egg Freezing.


Dr. Stephanie Marshall Thompson Dispels The Myths Regarding Egg Freezing

Dr. Stephanie Thompson dispels the myths surrounding Egg Freezing and gives a “How To” guide to Egg Freezing.


LGBTQ Family Building At IRMS

Dr. Serena H. Chen and Dr. Sarah C. Hessler discuss LGBTQ family building. It can be overwhelming to consider insemination, IVF, donor eggs, gestational carriers and more. At IRMS, we’ll show you where to start and then guide you through your journey, including navigating the medical process as well as the legal and psychological aspects.


Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PTS)

Are you thinking about IVF? Dr. Serena H. Chen and Dr. Sarah C. Hessler discuss preimplantation genetic testing, and whether it’s something you should consider.


Unpacking Reproductive Medicine With Dr. Serena H. Chen

Dr. Serena H. Chen from IRMS New Jersey and Dr. Kristen Cain from Carolina Fertility Institute discuss access to Fertility Preservation & Egg Freezing including New Jersey’s new Fertility Preservation legislation for Egg Freezing for Cancer and why it’s important if you are going through treatment no matter where you live you ask your doctor about fertility preservation.


History Of IVF-Part I

Dr. Margaret Garrisi walks through the evolution of In Vitro Fertilization, how has IVF changed over time, and its challenges and advances. (Part 1)


History Of IVF-Part II

Dr. Margaret Garrisi walks through the evolution of In Vitro Fertilization, how has IVF changed over time, and its challenges and advances. (Part 2)


How Does Elective Egg Freezing Work & What Are Its Benefits?

Dr. Margaret Garrisi and Dr. Debbra Keegan speak about the possibilities, potential and concerns regarding Elective Egg Freezing


Becoming A Parent Through Egg Donation

Dr. Serena Chen addresses the possibilities, questions, options and even the concerns of patients looking to use an Egg Donor.