In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Success Rates

IVF Success Rates At IRMS

What Are The Success Rates Of In Vitro Fertilization?

At IRMS we pay quite a bit of attention to our success rates. Since our inception in 1995, IVF success rates across the world have improved markedly. A number of the advancements that have contributed to that improvement were developed by the physicians and scientists of IRMS. Indeed, the rates of success that we have been able to achieve, especially in certain patient groups, are truly remarkable when compared to the previous generation of IVF treatment. Although it is gratifying to note the pregnancy success rates achieved regardless of the patient’s diagnosis, we continue a daily focus on maximizing successful outcomes for all types of patients.

While delivery rates in excess of 60% per cycle are expected for many patients, that rate is not realistic for all patients. It is possible to view our IRMS success rates with the CDC here, and with SART here, but it is important to remember that these reports present averaged rates for all patients within an age range.   Many patients can realistically expect a higher rate of success than the average for the group; for some, the expectation will be lower. Nevertheless, reasonable expectations of a term delivery do exist for almost all of our patients, and it is our practice to ensure that you have a genuine understanding of your potential for chances of getting pregnant, and then to deliver the care that maximizes that potential.

How To Optimize Your Chances Of IVF Success?

Our patients frequently ask: “Do you treat other patients who are similar to me, or is my condition unique?”

Having treated many thousands of patients (with more than 10,000 babies born), it is safe to assume that we have treated many, many patients who are “similar” to you.

Our patients come to us with both known diagnoses such as PCOS, endometriosis, High FSH, diminished ovarian reserve, male factor infertility issues as well as unknown causes as to what they aren’t conceiving on their own. At the same time, we believe that every one of our patients is unique. We will care for you as an individual, with each treatment cycle actively managed by your physician and her entire team. By sourcing from a complete repertoire of medical, endocrinologic, and embryologic interventions, we are able to implement a plan designed to maximize success on a personal basis.

Is IVF Successful The First Time?

Ultimately, we understand that anything less than 100% success can be disappointing. Many of our patients will take more than one fertility treatment, more than one IUI cycle, more than one IVF cycle, sometimes multiple cycles to conceive. This is why we believe in empowering all of our patients with education and information so they can truly understand the entire process. Most patients have a very good prognosis for success – sometimes the path to success may not be exactly how you imagined it.  We understand that seeing a doctor for fertility issues is never one’s first choice, but we consider it our responsibility to support all of our patients so they can achieve their goals in a way that makes individual sense for each one.