Fab Lab

Meet Our Fab Lab Team

Renee Walmsley, M.Sc., is the Supervisor of the Embryology Lab. She has worked closely with Dr. Garrisi since 1994. Renee holds a Master’s degree with distinction in Clinical Embryology from the University of Leeds, one of the first American embryologists to be so qualified. Renee is insightful in her evaluation of individual embryo development, with a sense for the correct approach to embryo management in the laboratory that is at the same time science-based and intuitive. Her capabilities in applied embryological research are a continuing asset to IRMS and its patients, and she is involved in many of the applications of new technology into the IRMS lab. Her works in describing the effects of multinucleation on embryo development, on sperm cryopreservation, and in embryo biopsy have contributed considerably to the overall laboratory effort. She has been an invited speaker, nationally and internationally, on a variety of subjects pertaining to the IVF laboratory. Renee’s wide-ranging academic interests have been instrumental in keeping the IRMS laboratory on the cutting edge of embryologic patient care.

Adrienne Reing, B.S., is a Technical Supervisor. In the late 80’s, Adrienne developed a specialty in cryopreservation, and she continues to be a leader in the IRMS laboratory in the technical application of cryopreservation to human eggs and embryos. Adrienne is also one of the first American embryologists to perform intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) in humans, after training in Belgium in 1993. Along with her considerable micromanipulation and cryopreservation expertise, Adrienne brings to the lab an uncompromising dedication to precision in the performance of even the most routine embryologic task. Adrienne’s leadership in this area is essential to the overall laboratory mandate to provide completely individualized care to not only each patient, but to each and every embryo.

Kelly Sagerer, B.S., is a Senior Embryologist.  She began her career conducting research in reproductive biology at the University of Pennsylvania.  In 1992 Kelly moved to human IVF, and traveled the world learning the new and exciting advances in human reproduction that were occurring at that time. Kelly has been working in reproductive laboratories for more than 25 years and has experienced the rapid and powerful growth in this technology.  Having witnessed first-hand the dramatic improvements that have occurred in human embryology over the years, Kelly finds it rewarding to be able to personally offer a level of advanced technical care of early embryos that was once unimaginable.

Robert Mendola, M.Sc, TS (ABB), is a Senior Embryologist. He joined the IRMS team in 2015, with more than 18 years of embryology experience. For much of his time prior to joining IRMS, Robert held the primary responsibility for Embryology and Andrology operations in a laboratory with a consistent record of impressive pregnancy rates.  Robert is active in the research efforts of the lab, with a particular focus on projects designed to help us to have a fuller understanding of the impact of genetics on early development.  Robert expects to complete requirements for a Masters in Reproductive Clinical Science in early 2019.

Renee Stavron, B.S., is the Embryology Laboratory Manager. With a strong background in quality control, Renee started at IRMS in 1998. The key to successful handling and culture of exquisitely delicate human eggs and embryos is to apply ultimate control over every aspect of the process. Renee is an extraordinarily capable resource manager, consistently assuring the best possible environment and conditions for both embryos and embryologists. Renee is also the embryology laboratory study coordinator.

Christine Dela Cerna, M.Sc. is an embryologist at IRMS. Christine holds a Master’s degree with distinction in Clinical Embryology from the University of Leeds, graduating at the top of her class. She also earned a Bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering from Georgia Tech. With the capabilities of an engineer to complement her embryologic skills, Christine provides expertise that is indispensable in a highly technical field that continues to evolve at a rapid rate. Christine is currently working on the development of artificial intelligence applications to augment decision-making in clinical embryology.

Tricia DeMaria, M.Sc. is an embryologist at IRMS. Tricia holds a Master’s degree in Biomedical Science with a specialization in Embryology and Andrology from Eastern Virginia Medical School. The essential role that Tricia plays in the embryology laboratory is the culmination of her literally life-long fascination with the assisted reproductive technologies. The emphasis of her thesis work was to evaluate the impact of the specific ovarian stimulation protocols on embryo development and the overall outcome of an IVF cycle.  At IRMS, Tricia continues to focus on the study of patient-specific variables that may affect embryo development and implantation, which has had a significant impact on our ability to deliver positive outcomes for our patients.

Aubrey Skolnick, B.S., is a Junior Embryologist. She graduated in 2014 from Lehigh University with a degree in Biology, focusing in Health, Medicine, and Society. Since then, Aubrey has concentrated on developing her capabilities in assisted reproduction, first in a cryopreservation laboratory, then in the IRMS Andrology and Endocrinology Laboratory, and, since 2017, in the IRMS Embryology Laboratory. She has adroitly assumed the individualized, patient-focused approach to embryology that is vital at IRMS.

Kelsey Sousa, B.S., is a Junior Embryologist. Kelsey joined the IRMS embryology team in 2018. Prior to her arrival at IRMS, Kelsey was an embryologist for two years at a New York IVF program. While there, she gained valuable experience, performing hundreds of procedures. Here at IRMS, Kelsey’s exceptional work ethic is a critical asset in an intellectually demanding setting.