First Steps And Options For Lesbian Women

Individualized Fertility Treatment Options For Lesbian Women

IRMS works closely with our lesbian singles and couples to help them conceive the family they have always desired. We create individualized treatment plans to best suit your needs and desires from donor sperm IUI or IVF to Reciprocal IVF. If a donor egg is needed, we work with My Egg Bank and Donor Egg Bank, USA for frozen donor egg cycles.

Your treatment options are many and we will customize one for you.

First Steps

The first step is to make a new patient appointment with one of our physicians to discuss which of these options best suits you. We highly recommend putting your questions down on paper so that in your consultation, we cover all your questions and concerns.

Whether you’re part of an infertile couple or a same sex couple, the process is the same to start. We need to determine the status of your health and fertility so we are able to best define the cycle-type to optimize your chances of having a healthy baby. All couples undergoing any type of fertility treatment will go through a standard evaluation, including bloodwork and genetic testing. This will be true for both you and your partner. On the day of your new patient appointment, you will meet with your IRMS physician, nurse and financial counselor. You are able to do your bloodwork that day to get your initial testing underway. You will be given a checklist of things that need to be completed prior to your course of treatment. Checklists vary from patient to patient depending on cycle-type and age.

Your IRMS team is here to answer all of your questions and to help you navigate preparing for treatment and your cycle.

What to expect at your New Patient Appointment:
  • Meet with your IRMS physician to review your medical history and treatment options and desires
  • Meet with your nurse to discuss your checklist items that need to be completed before a cycle can be started
  • Meet with a financial counselor to review costs of treatment, insurance coverage and any and all financing options
  • Initial bloodwork for both partners

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Thank you IRMS for the life you have created and the family you have given to us. As a same sex couple trying to conceive, our first exposure to the fertility world was beyond amazing! We felt very comfortable and accepted as we learned about the options for us.

After patiently counting down our two week wait, the best day for us was the phone call from an IRMS staff member letting us know that we were pregnant!!! It was one of the happiest days of our lives, next to getting married.
Candace, Carrie and Gianna
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