Infertility –

Infection: Causes And Treatment Options

Often, infections in males present no recognizable symptoms. The most common STD in the US responsible for male infertility, is chlamydia and is often completely asymptomatic.

All men with infertility should have a full semen analysis 1-3 times at a fertility lab. If there are white cells or other evidence of inflammation infection, the underlying infection may be a cause for infertility. Sometimes infection may not be detected on a semen analysis but anyone with any abnormalities should be evaluated by a urologist for possible infection or other issues in the genitourinary system.

Treatment Options For Infection In Men

  • Medications – antibiotics can be effective in treating infections of male reproductive disorders and it is important to treat them early to avoid permanent damage.
  • Surgery – may be required in cases where infection has resulted in scarring or blockages that affect sperm production and/or ejaculation.