Fertility Preservation For Cancer Patients: Success Stories

Sarah Beth, 2022

“IRMS was AMAZING and honestly it was the least stressful part of my treatment, even with the shots and the early mornings. Truly, I recommend you to everyone.”

Karen, 2022

“Dr. Moustafa was an amazing doctor and helped my daughter tremendously! My daughter was 15 and had to have her eggs removed to start chemotherapy! Dr. Moustafa seamlessly worked with us so that my daughter was comfortable throughout the process and even held her hand before surgery began! I would recommend Dr. Moustafa a 1000 times she was so warm and made us feel so much better about the whole process!”

Breast cancer patient, age 36

Rebecca came to us on the recommendation of her oncologist immediately after learning of her cancer diagnosis. Her story is one that has a familial link.

Her Mom had breast cancer many years ago but only when she had a subsequent recurrence of her cancer did she decide to get tested to see if she was a carrier of the BRCA gene. When she learned she was she urged Rebecca to be tested as well. Rebecca learned she was also a carrier and upon undergoing her first mammogram learned she too had breast cancer, thankfully caught at a very early stage. She decided to undergo a double mastectomy and to freeze her eggs. Rebecca at the time was a professional woman who had not yet found her life partner but knew she ultimately wanted to get married and have children of her own.

She decided to freeze her eggs and was able to freeze 16 with one cycle under the care of her IRMS physician. She then underwent her cancer surgery and radiation. She has reported to us both a few months after her egg freezing cycle and one year after her cycle that the decision to freeze her eggs was one of the best of her life. She reports feeling that a huge weight has been lifted off her shoulders. She said that even prior to her cancer diagnosis she had been feeling the pressure of her age and her fertility. She felt that she now had this protection for her own future wants and desires and now could focus on fighting her cancer and living her very full life for today and with a clear eye on tomorrow.

Breast cancer patient, 25-year-old medical resident

Lynda came to us in her final year of medical school on her way to following in her father’s footsteps and becoming an opthamologist. She came to her first appointment with her Mom, Dad and her long-term boyfriend pretty much decided that egg freezing was the right step for her. She ultimately went through two egg freezing cycles and when we checked back with her at the 2-year point she was now in her residency toward her ultimate goal of being the doctor that she wanted to be and was to be married (to that same boyfriend who came with her to freeze her eggs) in 3 months. She reported being thrilled to have made the decision to freeze because it enabled her to move forward with her life knowing she did not give up the chance to have her own biological children.


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