Oncofertility Checklist

What Happens On My Oncofertility Appointment?

All of our Oncofertility patients are seen within 24-48 hours of calling our office. You will meet with one of our team of Reproductive Endocrinologists, all specialists on egg freezing.

Our Oncofertility Liaison, Joanne Heller will be your support and guide through your treatment at IRMS. Joanne can be reached at 609.448.4311 or 973.548.9900.

Your Initial Visit Will Consist Of:

  • A personal consult with your physician (approximately 45 minutes)
  • Meeting your nurse
  • Filling out the LIVESTRONG Fertility application
  • Bloodwork (optional)
  • Meeting with a member of our finance team


How many eggs do I get from an egg freezing cycle? How many eggs do I need per desired child? How long can my eggs stay frozen? READ MORE ...


Financial Information

IRMS has a long-standing relationship with LIVESTRONG Fertility and as such we give all of our incoming cancer patients an application to the LIVESTRONG discount program. READ MORE ...

Rebecca came to us on the recommendation of her oncologist immediately after learning of her cancer diagnosis.

She has reported to us both a few months after her egg freezing cycle and one year after her cycle that the decision to freeze her eggs was one of the best of her life. She felt that she now had this protection for her own future wants and desires and now could focus on fighting her cancer and living her very full life for today and with a clear eye on tomorrow.
Rebecca - Breast Cancer Patient, Age 36