Telemedicine Fertility Consultations

Did you know that IRMS offers virtual consults with all our physicians and our financial counselors? And that it’s covered by most major insurance plans? Through our secure telemedicine platform, you get direct access to our team without leaving the comfort of your home or office!

Whether you are seeking to build a family soon, or preserving your fertility for your future – take control of your reproductive health and fertility potential by booking an IRMS virtual fertility consultation.

What You Receive:

  • One on one time with your IRMS physician on a hippa secure telemedicine platform.
  • The ability to review any medical history of yourself and your partner with our doctors.
  • A chance to address any concerns and questions you have about your fertility journey by discussing reproductive options that are unique to you.
  • A virtual financial consult with your own personal IRMS financial counselor so you are informed about your coverage.
  • The ability to initiate genetic testing for both yourself and your partner from the safety of your home.
  • A structured plan to keep you efficiently moving forward toward your fertility goal.
  • Real-time booking of your follow up appointments and testing at one of our New Jersey or New York locations.