First Steps

First Steps

You know where you want to get to. You may have known for a while. The toughest part of this journey isn’t the finish line – it’s getting the trip started. The first step is, many times, the hardest one of all. How to do it and what may be just as important, who to do it with. These aren’t easy questions but the answers are sometimes easier than you think. You have far more control of the situation than you’ve probably given yourself credit for.

To put it simply, you want a partner in care and a medical team who seek to empower you with education. That’s what IRMS does best-inform, educate, guide and ultimately empower you to follow through on the course of fertility assistance that will get you the outcome you seek. All it takes to initiate step one is to make a new patient appointment with one of our physicians to discuss what treatment options will afford you the highest possible success rate. Here’s a helpful tip as you plan for that first meeting: We highly recommend putting your questions down on paper so that in your consultation, we address all of your questions and concerns. Keeping a notebook could be helpful to keep all of you information in one place. You are ultimately going to be getting a great deal of very valuable information that we will help you with as you go through treatment.

Whether you’re a part of an infertile couple or a single woman, the process is the same to start. We need to determine the status of your health and fertility so we are able to best define the cycle-type to optimize your chances of having a healthy baby.

All couples and individuals undergoing any type of fertility treatment will go through a standard evaluation, including bloodwork and genetic testing. This will be true for both you and your partner. On the day of your new patient appointment, you will meet with your IRMS physician, nurse and financial counselor. You are able to do your bloodwork that day to get your initial testing underway. After your first consultation, you will be given a checklist of things that need to be completed prior to your course of treatment. Checklists vary from patient to patient depending on cycle-type and age.

Your IRMS team is here to answer all of your questions and to help you navigate preparing for treatment and your cycle.

What To Expect At Your New Patient Appointment:
  • Meet with your IRMS physician to review your medical history and treatment options and desires
  • Meet with your nurse to discuss your checklist items that need to be completed before a cycle can be started
  • Meet with a financial counselor to review costs of treatment, insurance coverage and any and all financing options
  • Initial bloodwork for both partners