Alabama Supreme Court Ruling

In light of the recent ruling by the Alabama Supreme Court regarding the classification of frozen embryos as ‘children’, CCRM Fertility stands in solidarity with RESOLVE, ASRM, and the broader infertility community (Read statements from RESOLVE and ASRM). This ruling has raised serious concerns about the future of fertility treatments like IVF and the rights of individuals struggling to build their families. We stand with our patients and staff, as we recognize the profound impact this decision could have on those facing infertility, including the potential limitations on access to crucial reproductive care.

As advocates for reproductive rights and family-building options, CCRM Fertility reaffirms our commitment to supporting our patients and ensuring they have access to the care and resources they need. We stand alongside these organizations, supporting their efforts to protect these options and advocate for the rights of individuals and families impacted by infertility.

Together, we must continue to raise awareness, advocate for change, and stand up for the rights of everyone seeking to build their families. CCRM has shared RESOLVE’s statement on social media and will continue working with RESOLVE and ASRM to protect access to vital family-building services. Join us in supporting these organizations and taking action to protect access to our services.

Warm regards,

The CCRM Fertility Team

How You Can Help? Advocacy for Access to Family Building

At CCRM Fertility, we are proud to partner with RESOLVE in support of their Advocacy Day, an event organized in collaboration with the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). This initiative brings together the infertility community to engage directly with Members of Congress, advocating for critical issues such as enhanced access to family-building options and financial support for those in need.

Join Us in Making a Difference

We urge everyone to stand up, be counted, and lend their voice to this important cause. Whether you’re directly affected by infertility or you’re a supporter of reproductive rights, your participation is crucial. Advocacy Day is your opportunity to help shape policies that ensure access to essential reproductive care and support for all.

Register for Federal Advocacy Day

Ready to make an impact? Join us for RESOLVE’s Advocacy Day and be part of a community fighting for change. Registration is simple, and your involvement could lead to meaningful improvements in access to family-building services.

Click here to register for Federal Advocacy Day

Together, we can make a difference. Stand with CCRM Fertility, RESOLVE, and ASRM in advocating for a future where everyone has the right to build a family.