Egg Freezing FAQs

How many eggs do I get from an egg freezing cycle?
As one could imagine, egg yield from any given cycle is unique to the individual but an average number of eggs retrieved is 6-10 but can vary widely. A lot depends on the age of the woman cycling as ovarian reserve declines as one ages.

How many eggs do I need per desired child?
Given our current success rates our physicians recommend approximately 18-21 eggs be frozen per desired child.

How long can my eggs stay frozen?
Indefinitely! All cellular activity is stopped at minus 320 degrees so therefore no degradation occurs over time.

What’s the process when I’m ready to use my eggs?
What we need to do is prepare your body (or that of a gestational carrier) to receive your embryo(s). That will be done under the supervision of your IRMS physician. In coordination with our Lab, some of your eggs will be thawed and then fertilized through a process called ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection), which must be done when using eggs that have been frozen. Then a recommendation will be made whether a single or double-embryo transfer is advised based on your specific case and embryo quality.