IVF, Egg Freezing, IUI & More Fertility Treatment Costs in New Jersey

Estimated Fertility Treatment Costs For Our New Jersey & New York Clinics

IRMS offers state of the art infertility treatment at competitive rates. Below is an ESTIMATED fee schedule for the most common treatments, which do not reflect any insurance benefits or coverage.

As every insurance plan is different, it is a patient’s responsibility to be aware of their plan’s benefits.

On the day of your new patient appointment, one of our Financial Counselors will review your benefits with you, discuss your financial situation and introduce you to IRMS’ fertility financing options.

Program Fees *

IVF Cycle (includes follicular monitoring by ultrasound, endocrine assays, oocyte retrieval, assisted hatching, blastocyst culturing, embryo transfer, culture of oocytes and sperm preparation – medications not included) $12,975 - $18,615
Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) Cycle $4,475
IUI Cycle $2,950
Donor Egg Cycle $32,700 - $34,000
Donor Egg Cycle Using My Egg Bank (MEB)** $7,350 - $9,750
Egg Cryopreservation Cycle (Medications not included) $5,885

Additional Fees *

Initial Office Consultation $550
Semen Analysis – SA/ASA $235
IVF Cycle Medications $5,000 – $7,000
Transvaginal Ultrasound $275 – $300
Embryo Cryopreservation Fee (includes 1 year storage) $1,590
Oocyte (Egg) Cryopreservation (includes 1 year storage) $1,590
Semen Cryo $350
Semen Storage (annual fee) $500
Embryo/Oocyte Storage (annual fee) $1,250
Endocrine Assay $90 / assay
Psychological Counseling $150 – $450
ICSI $1,980
Embryo Biopsy for Aneuploidy or Single Gene Defect $2,945
Facility Fee for Retrieval – provided by Gregori Women’s Center $1,000 / each
Facility Fee for Transfer – provided by Gregori Women’s Center $600 / each
Anesthesia for Oocyte (egg) Retrieval – provided by NJ Anesthesia Associates $600 / each

* Please note that these fees are provided as a guide only and are subject to change.
** Click here for more information on My Egg Bank

Patient Financial Responsibility

For the convenience of our patients, IRMS accepts all major credit cards as well as cash, personal checks and money orders.  Our Financial Counselors can answer any questions related to payments as well as financing options.