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Fertility Preservation For Fertile Women

Egg Freezing: A Snapshot

Egg freezing allows women to preserve their mature, unfertilized eggs for potential future pregnancy through in vitro fertilization (IVF). This procedure entails:

  • Stimulating ovulation to yield multiple eggs.
  • Retrieving these eggs at the clinic.
  • Freezing and storing them via cryopreservation indefinitely.

This option may appeal to women for various reasons:

  • Medical concerns, such as upcoming fertility-compromising cancer treatment.
  • Personal choices, like delaying family planning to focus on career pursuits or other life circumstances.

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Your Fertility Insurance Policy

Finally an “insurance policy” for having your own biological child is here.
And not when your biological clock says so but when you say so.

If you have been following any media outlets over the past few months and talking to your female friends you have likely heard a lot of “buzz” about egg freezing. It has made the national news particularly because Apple and Facebook, as Fortune 100 companies have made a decision to start covering the cost of egg freezing for their employees. Now egg freezing is becoming a part of every woman’s vocabulary and might be something you’re thinking about doing.

A woman today has much more on her plate than ever before. It is not uncommon to reprioritize different areas of her life as it unfolds in terms of education, career, relationships and starting a family.


The reality of a woman’s fertility is that it is finite

Although starting a family may be part of a woman’s desired life-plan, it may not be a priority during her most fertile years. Unfortunately, fertility will not wait. Regardless of overall good health a woman’s eggs are aging as they chronologically age. Once egg quantity and quality starts on the decline there is not much, if anything, that medicine can do to reverse it. However, with the advances made in oocyte cryopreservation (egg freezing), IRMS can help.


Women between the ages of 21–39 are in their prime fertility years and now through the process of egg freezing we are at least able to “pause” that biological clock until you are ready to start that family.

We believe the most ideal age range for egg freezing for fertility preservation is from 30–39, but it may also be a reasonable option to consider for women who fall outside that age range.

Egg Freezing is a technology that was first introduced for cancer patients whose fertility would be prematurely damaged while fighting their cancer. Through rigorous, ongoing research, the technology has been perfected and pregnancy rates have risen such that it has become a viable option to give to all women during their fertile years.

An egg freezing cycle requires a woman to undergo the stimulation of her ovaries through the use of fertility medications for about 2 weeks so that IRMS can harvest as many mature eggs as possible. Preparation and timing for this cycle is usually determined by the last normal menstrual period of the patient. The easiest patients to schedule, however, are those who are already on oral contraceptives, since we can stop them at any time to start medications for an egg freezing cycle.

On average, this cycle can be completed within 3 to 5 weeks from initial consultation.
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Elective Egg Freezing Financial Information

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I started to do some research on the subject of egg freezing – which was an easy project as the subject was on covers everywhere (and not just women’s magazines). The Washington Post to the Huff Post headlined stories about the new frontier-for-women. Finally, a way of running an end game around that screaming biological clock – a chance to preserve your fertility. In my research, I found IRMS – which was not only close to home for me but I really liked the all-female physician part of their practice.
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