Serving Our Veterans Program

IRMS recognizes the incredible personal sacrifices made by our United States military personnel and as such was thrilled to note that as of September 2016, the MilCon-VA appropriations bill included an amendment that allows the Veterans Administration (VA) to offer IVF and adoption assistance to certain Veterans with a service-connected injury that caused their infertility. This affects Veterans who are infertile because of their service to our country. Prior to this amendment passing, the VA was barred from offering IVF.

At IRMS we realize this is great but is NOT a long-term fix to the problem and does NOT provide fertility benefits to all Veterans. Therefore, IRMS is proud to continue our “Serving our Veterans Program” to help New Jersey-based United States Military personnel and their spouses have access to fertility treatment. At IRMS we provide a 50% discount for treatment such as IUI and IVF services and Veterans can make an appointment with one of our physicians at any of our eight office locations throughout New Jersey and New York. The cost of certain third-party services not under the control of IRMS, such as medication, anesthesia and facility fees, are not included.

For more information on our program please contact an IRMS Financial Counselor at 973.548.0800.