How Much
Does It Cost?

Elective Egg Freezing Financial Information

IRMS offers rates that are likely better than any other practice in the tri-state area.

1st EGG FREEZING CYCLE: $5,000* 
2nd EGG FREEZING CYCLE: $4,000* 

* Please note all fees are exclusive of Anesthesia and Facility fees of $1,600 per cycle, as well as the cost of each cycle’s medications.


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I started to do some research on the subject of egg freezing – which was an easy project as the subject was on covers everywhere (and not just women’s magazines). The Washington Post to the Huff Post headlined stories about the new frontier-for-women. Finally, a way of running an end game around that screaming biological clock – a chance to preserve your fertility. In my research, I found IRMS – which was not only close to home for me but I really liked the all-female physician part of their practice.