Transgender Individuals
& Couples

Family Building, Fertility Preservation Options For Transgender Individuals And Couples

At IRMS we proudly recognize the reproductive rights of all of our patients and welcome the transgender community to our care. Our IRMS team recognizes that patients have a wide range of gender identities and reproductive capabilities.

Trans women and trans men as well as prospective parents who identify as queer, non-binary, or gender nonconforming are all welcome here.

As a team of reproductive endocrinologists, we can provide assistance prior to the start of hormone therapy as well as if you have already been on a hormone regimen. We can assist you in preserving your fertility for future use or if you seek to have a child now.  Our team of physicians can help and support you wherever you may be on this journey.

Fertility treatment for trans women and trans men can allow you to have a baby in cases where healthy gametes (i.e. eggs, sperm) are available, whether they are harvested or banked samples. Fertility preservation of either eggs or sperm is best performed in advance of your medical transition as hormone regimens can impact reproductive function. Freezing sperm or eggs is simpler and statistically more effective before hormone therapy begins.

Trans Women With Testes

In the case of trans women with testes, parenting a biological child is a direct process. The same goes for trans women who have sperm banked. If your partner has a viable uterus, they may desire to carry the child to term after insemination. If need be, gestational carrier agencies preferred by IRMS are available to match you with a woman able and willing to carry the pregnancy to term.

Estrogen will reduce the testicular volume of trans women. If you decide to freeze your sperm after beginning hormone therapy, a temporary pause in your hormone therapy will be necessary in order for you to produce an optimal specimen.

Trans Men Who Possess A Uterus

In the case of trans men who possess a uterus, carrying a baby is achievable via intrauterine insemination (IUI) or In vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment. Even if you’ve been undergoing androgen therapy for years, studies show a pause in hormone therapy can make the uterus viable for pregnancy again. Trans men who have preserved eggs can have the egg fertilized by sperm from a partner, a sperm bank, or a vetted donor. When one partner’s eggs are fertilized and transferred to a uterus, this process is known as Co-maternity or Reciprocal IVF.

If you did not preserve your eggs or sperm in advance of a full surgical transition, you can still become a parent with help from a donor, gestational carrier or a partner. At IRMS our dedicated Third Party Reproduction team works with many egg donor agencies including My Egg Bank and Donor Egg Bank, USA. Donated sperm or eggs may come from a donor, a bank, or less commonly from a person known to the parent(s).

Transgender Youth

Parents of transgender children may not have considered their children’s future reproductive options. This is an important topic to explore when planning a young person’s hormonal and/or medical transition, and we can help. At IRMS we have worked very successfully with transgender youth seeking to transition from male to female and need information on fertility preservation through egg freezing.

As a parent of a child under the age of 18 we are happy to discuss fertility options with you and your child so they can make an informed decision about preserving the option of having genetic children of their own someday.

We are here Offering You Support Every Step Of The Way

At IRMS we offer many layers of support to help you on this journey from financial information including treatment financing options; to legal support from reproductive law specialists; to counseling. IRMS has built a network of valued specialists and providers to support you through the entire process.

Whether you’re ready to start a family now or are seeking information please contact IRMS.


Financial Support

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Counseling & Wellness

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Legal Support

Protecting your parental rights and getting expert legal advice are particularly important
in Third Party and LGBTQ Family Building. We work with terrific experts on how to protect the family you’ve created. READ MORE ...

Words cannot express how grateful we are to Dr. Keegan and the entire IRMS staff! As the mother of a transgender son in need of egg harvesting, it was important to me that he not only receive expert care, but that he also be treated with compassion, kindness, and the respect that he deserves.

I made several calls to other fertility centers and interviewed many other doctors before finding Dr. Keegan and her wonderful staff. Once I had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Keegan in person, I knew I had found the right doctor for my son.