Support For Our LGBTQ Community

At IRMS we understand the challenges that you face when trying to build your family through assisted reproduction and for LGBTQ couples we are well aware there is an additional layer of unique legal and financial challenges.

We are certainly thrilled at the Supreme Court’s decision to recognize same-sex marriage as a right nationally thereby providing increased procreative protections for gay and lesbian couples.

We also know those protections are not yet where they need to be. At IRMS, we assist you in getting the legal insight you need so that the family you have worked so hard to create is recognized legally as your own from every vantage point – no matter where you travel in the U.S. and abroad. We also know that financial challenges for treatment can prohibit access to care, which is why we have partnered with CapexMD as well as Univfy  to help you prepare for the financial aspect of this journey.

From the clinical side, we have our Third Party Reproduction Team, who dedicates all of their time to working exclusively with patients embarking on cycles using donor egg, donor sperm, reciprocal IVF and gestational carriers. They are experts in the field knowing what it entails to pick a donor or a gestational carrier that fulfills all of your desires from the emotional to the financial.

Many LGBTQ couples ask the question, “Where do I start?” and we can say unequivocally that IRMS is the place.


Financial Support

At IRMS we understand navigating the financial aspects of fertility treatment can be daunting. We are here to help you access care as well as every dollar of insurance benefit to which you are entitled. READ MORE ...


Counseling & Wellness

Recognizing the stress that fertility treatment can cause we have support available. READ MORE ...


Legal Support

Protecting your parental rights and getting expert legal advice are particularly important
in Third Party and LGBTQ Family Building. We work with terrific experts on how to protect the family you’ve created. READ MORE ...