Gut Health’s Impact On Fertility And Pregnancy

Did you know that our bodies are chock full of trillions of fungi, bacteria and viruses called microbiome.  Some are associated with disease but loads are highly important for our health. Gut microbiome are mostly found in the cecum of your intestines. In fact, there are over a 1000 species of bacteria in the human gut and they can collectively weigh over 2-5 pounds.  Same weight as your brain!  Wow!  Started at infancy, they assist with digestion and the break down toxins, and they help instruct your immune system. 

So how does an unhealthy gut impact your fertility or pregnancy?

A study by the Cleveland Clinic and funded by the National Institutes of Health outlines the potential impacts of “bad” microbiota from poor dietary choices that connect to a greater risk for cardiometabolic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, chronic kidney disease and obesity.

Obesity and diabetes are major issues that can impact your fertility and complicate your pregnancy.

So let’s focus on the good gut bacteria. Our favorite registered dietitian and culinary coach and founder of Living Plate, Jeanne Petrucci, MS, RDN joins our fertility rock-star Serena H. Chen, MD, as they cook up some yummy dishes loaded with healthy ingredients that create a healthy gastrointestinal environment.

On the menu is a massaged Kale Salad with Miso Tahini Dressing and Crunchy Chickpeas and Apple Pie Overnight Oats for desert! Yum.

In this IG Live event video, you learn how to prepare these fabulous dishes while Jeanne and Serena will discuss good gut bacteria and its optimal impact on your overall health.

Click here for the recipe of the dishes featured in the video. And if you have any questions about your fertility journey please reach out to us. We are here to empower you with information as a partner in your care. You can book your appointment online today, visit our social handles or by calling us at 973.548.9900

Serena H. Chen, MD serves as Director for the Division of Reproductive Medicine in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Saint Barnabas Medical Center, and the Institute for Reproductive Medicine and Science, and is a Clinical Associate Professor at Rutgers, UMDNJ Medical School and the St George’s University School of Medicine.

Jeanne Petrucci, MS, RDN – Founder and Managing Director of Living Plate. With a background in culinary instruction, Jeanne has been passionate about food and nutrition for more than two decades. She established Living Plate as a place where healthcare professionals and organizations can inspire wellness through nutrition education that incorporates food experience.

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