Watch Now – IRMS NJ on CNN’s This Is Birth With Lisa Ling

Dr. Stephanie Marshall Thompson

We are excited to announce that CNN’s This Is Birth With Lisa Ling is now live online. Watch our very own Dr. Stephanie Marshall Thompson discuss Egg Freezing in the Biological Clock segment http://money.cnn.com/this-is-birth-with-lisa-ling/?playvid=4. The episode is also slated to air Friday, September 30th between 2-4pm on CNN and HLN, nationally.

CNN will also have a Live Q&A session with Lisa Ling on Facebook this Friday, September 23rd at 9am EST. Check out CNN’s Facebook page for details.

We encourage you to watch this very informative documentary that addresses not only the challenges one may face starting a family in the US but also champions the dedicated healthcare & fertility specialists striving to make a difference.

We are honoured to be a part of that community.

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