Empowering Access To Care With The IRMS Advocacy Team

Here at the Institute for Reproductive Medicine & Science, we are very proud to introduce our newly formed IRMS Advocacy Team. Led by two of our physicians, Clinical Director Dr. Debbra A. Keegan & Resolve’s Hope Award for Advocacy Recipient Dr. Serena H. Chen, the IRMS Advocacy Group will support our physicians, clinical team members & ally partners as they continue their important advocacy work, including empowering access to care for all. 

“In addition to providing the best medical care and cutting-edge technology to our patients, we fight for their reproductive rights and access to care behind the scenes. Our advocacy team will track our progress in this area. We are thrilled that we have been able to help patients through our actions, outside of our own practice.”  Dr. Debbra A. Keegan

Since our practice began, our doctors & staff have been ambassadors of advocacy. We’ve championed and walked along side many allies to elevate the need to give back, lift up & demand change.  

“We are very proud to have played a role in helping to pass legislation improving access to reproductive care in NJ. We helped improve access to the LGBTQIA community with the updated family building mandate in 2018 & the Gestational Surrogacy law passed in 2019, and we improved access significantly for egg freezing for cancer patients, transgender males, and others in 2020. There is more to be done to improve access in our practice, our state, and the country, and we will continue to try to break down barriers to care as part of our practice mission.”  Dr. Serena H. Chen

Whether it is campaigning for coverage for all who has faced an infertility diagnosis, for funding grants & providing immediate care for cancer patients needing to preserve their fertility now, for demanding transparency & advancements in maternal healthcare for Women of Color, or for supporting family-building rights for our LGBTQIA+ community – we will continue to fight.

For IRMS is unequivocally emboldened to continue our pledge to eliminate any obstacles to reproductive family-building wherever one resides in this country.

For more information on our IRMS Advocacy Team, you can reach out via our contact form or by messaging us on our social handles. 

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