Watch Our Single Embryo Transfer Video featuring IRMS’ Dr. Debbra Keegan and Dr. Serena Chen

Join Dr. Debbra Keegan and Dr. Serena Chen as they explain the importance of why single embryo transfer (SET) is both the smartest and safest way to initiate an IVF pregnancy.

IRMS at Saint Barnabas leads the state of New Jersey in single embryo transfers and boasts the lowest number of multiple births. Why does this matter? Pregnancies resulting in twins or triplets have a higher potential for complications during pregnancy and at birth. Oftentimes multiple babies are born prematurely and can be prone to multiple risk factors. At IRMS, we provide individualized care identifying those patients who are the best candidates for SET. Our goal is one healthy baby at a time, whenever possible.

If you have further questions on Single Embryo Transfer, IVF or any other fertility service we offer here at IRMS and would like to book a consultation, please reach out at (973) 322-8286 or fill out our contact form.

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