Guidelines for Pregnant Women in NJ during Zika Virus Outbreak

CDC Releases Guidelines For Pregnant Women During Zika Outbreak.

The Washington Post (1/19, Sun) reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released interim guidelines Tuesday “advising obstetricians and other health-care professionals who care for pregnant women” to screen them for the Zika virus if they show symptoms after returning from a country affected by the virus. The guidelines “focus on pregnant women who have fever, rash, muscle aches or conjunctivitis (pink eye) during or within two weeks of their travel.” According to the guidelines, pregnant women who test positive “should consider scheduling regular ultrasounds to monitor the growth of their fetus.”

The Chicago Tribune (1/19, Rhodes) reports Illinois Department of Public Health Director Nirav D. Shah reinforced the CDC warning, saying, “We are urging residents, especially pregnant women, to take preventive measures when traveling in affected countries and check health travel advisories.”

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Current Zika virus travel alerts exist for South America, The Caribbean and Mexico – please see the CDC site travel alerts for the most up to date information.

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