IRMS NJ offers General Infertility Support Groups

We use the term general Infertility as an all-inclusive term for anyone experiencing medical obstacles to their goal of having a child. While we use the word general, we do understand and welcome all of the specific ways that infertility can affect your life, whether it is diminished ovarian reserve, hormonal issues, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, or low sperm counts.

The biggest theme of a general infertility group will be to discuss the frustration and sadness and myriad of other feelings that people feel on the road to becoming a parent. Becoming a parent is the main goal to be focused on in this group. Members who are at the beginning of their journey, who don’t know why they have not yet conceived a child, and those who are at a crossroads after some time of infertility who must make decisions about choosing medical interventions can be of help to each other. Research shows that peer support groups can have a positive impact on mood, overall optimism and an improved ability to make difficult decisions.

The goal of a support group is to feel less alone, less isolated, and to have your feelings and situation recognized and understood. You are not feeling general feelings, you are feeling your feelings and they deserve to be heard by others who can help you express those feelings. You will feel less alone with those feelings and the decisions you are facing in your journey to become a parent.

You are not alone in this journey. For more information regarding IRMS General Infertility Support Group or any of our other Support Groups and Services please Click Here or contact our staff psychologist and director, Claudia Pascale, Ph.D. at 973-322-5356

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