Trying to have a baby in New Jersey through egg donation?

Many people needing a donor assisted IVF cycle become very concerned about how to get the donor they desire.

If you are coming to an IRMS office in New Jersey, you may not know that we recruit and screen our own anonymous egg donors very successfully. We, at any given time, have donors at the ready to be matched with. This sets us apart from almost every other IVF Center in the New Jersey & tri-state area, who often have waiting lists of 6 months or longer.

In addition to providing our own IRMS donors, we also offer the option of working with My Egg Bank, who provides frozen donor eggs to our Intended Parents. There are benefits to each cycle type, either a fresh donor egg cycle or a frozen donor egg cycle. When doing a fresh donor cycle all of the eggs that come from that cycle revert to that Recipient. We don’t split donor cycles here, so once you are matched, all of that donors’ eggs from that cycle are yours. In comparison, with a frozen donor egg cycle, you usually contract to receive 6 eggs from the donor you choose and there is no issue of synchronization because the eggs are ready to be used when the Recipient is ready to cycle. In contrast, with an IRMS fresh donor you are able to see an adult picture of the donor and with My Egg Bank childhood photos are what is provided.

The best thing to know going in is there are options and choices. Part of what we do at IRMS is not only inform you of the options available to you but help you navigate the decision-making process. If you are facing making some of these decisions now, please contact our psychologist, Dr. Claudia Pascale, at 973.322.5356.

Learn more about our egg donor program.

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